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by on Dec 16, 2012

Who loves some “Behind The Scenes” from an awesome brand like Rapanui Clothing? I know I do ! I also know that the story is about two brothers who want to conquer not only the clothing world, but also eco clothing.

We wanted  to get content outside of the regular “ay to day activity with Here’s the brand, here’s the t-shirts”, to spice things up a bit by showing how things actually started and how they work right now at Rapanui.

Here’s how it’ll go. We’re going to have today’s interview with Rob-Drake, we’re going to feature Rapanui‘s Team and what’s cooking over there and finally we’re going to have, in holiday spirit of Christmas, a T-shirt Contest with 5 lucky winners.

Stay tuned for the 17th and 18th December if you find it interesting and want to win one of Rapanui‘s  awesome tees!

Part 1: Interview with Rob Drake Martin, co-founder of Rapanui Clothing!

TH: I’d love to know more about Rob, where did you grow up, studies, placed you’ve lived and how did Rapanui Clothing idea started to take shape.

Rob: Me and Mart (my brother and co-founder of Rapanui) grew up in Sandown bay on the Isle of Wight (where Rapanui is now) we both went to uni in the westcountry (me Plymouth, mart Falmouth) then came home to the Isle of Wight. Mart studied Renewable Energy Engineering (designing wind turbines etc) and I studied business, we started to talk a lot about sustainability and both became passionate that changes needed to be made, we choose fashion – because there was a lot wrong but also because it is a really useful medium to inspire others to change their behavior – we often ask ‘what if David Bowie was an Eco – Warrior?!’ because the guy convince a generation of men to go down to the tight trousers and make up shop and pay for the previlege of dressing up like ziggy stardust – and so fashion and popular culture is a powerful medium, we wanted to grab hold of it and see if we could use it to inspire people to change their behavior to make a contribution to sustainability in general.

TH: How were the first few months after Rapanui was out there, live and selling tees.

Rob: Ha! that was a long time ago, back in late 2007, it was hectic, we were just starting and so there was so much to do, me and mart started with £200 each, in the shed at the bottom of the garden of our parents house, Mart learned how to build websites, I put my business degree into practice (as much of it that was relevant!) and we sort of went from there. Mart did all of the brand and design and I told people about it. Sounds simple but there was a lot to do back then! Eventually we made it in to our first office – a converted garage back in 2010 with our first two employees and then things just took off, now we have our big office and flagship store in Sandown and we employ 12 people in the office and the store, it’s very cool when we think back to the early days!

TH: How did you take the news about Future 100 list of Top Young Entrepreneurs?

Rob: Obviously we were really pleased to hear about this, I can’t really remember to be honest how we got involved with it! I think they found us!

TH: I know you and Mart co-founded the company, how do you guys create new ideas for tshirts; are you always agreeing with each other, are there any differences in tastes?

Rob: That’s quite an easy question to answer! Mart does all of the design work, then we meet up and talk over all of the ideas and say which ones we like, sometimes there is a difference of opinion there but we usually just work with all the staff and do secret votes.

TH: Any particular t-shirt that you still love right now and it’s your most favorite?

Rob: I’m still absolutely loving the men’s Heroes T-shirt http://www.rapanuiclothing.com/mens-organic-clothing/heroes-t-shirt.html#308 and women’s Save our Seas Tshirt http://www.rapanuiclothing.com/womens-organic-clothes/save-our-seas.html

TH: Let’s return a bit to present. How many tees do you ship per month right now?

Rob: That’s a tricky one, I think we’re doing about 30 orders a day at the moment so about 45 tees a day – so… about 1300 a month – but it’s Christmas! Usually around 800-1000 a month.

TH: Where’s Rapanui heading in 2013.

Rob: Oooo very exciting times! We’ve got a new collection coming for the summer, and loads of exciting marketing stuff going on. We’ve got new products too, new sweats and a variation on a couple of our women’s tees and tops. Loads of new prints and some new cuts in the men’s too.

Sooo..that was Part 1 of the Series, stay tuned for tomorrow’s  feature of Rapanui‘s Team and the day after tomorrow for the contest! You know Hunger Games movie say: “Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!”

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