DesignByHumans, Two bears, a heart and Felix the guy that jumped

by on Oct 24, 2012

A while ago, DBH emailed us offering to send us some gigs. You can’t say no to that, you absolutely can’t!
We love their brand, we love their shirts, it’s a no-brainer here so we sat and waited.. a week later, boom!

They say they haven’t received an unboxing video yet, well.. the package was nice and branded with DBH, we had to make one!

To stick to the title, here are the two bears we were talking about.

Funky bears, funky tshirts, made to wear together.

The heart we’re talking about has speakers on.. odd

And yeah, we also had a guy last week jumping from the stratosphere, Felix something.. this might be him.

Thank you, DesignByHumans! Keep ’em coming.

Note: We love our sponsors, get in touch often with anything on your mind! The only thing we hunt are awesome tee designs! ;)

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