Altru x Life Magazine Collection

by on May 11, 2012

Altru Apparel will release their “Life” collection on July 15th ’12. Life magazine was the first all-photographic American news magazine, and it dominated the market for more than 40 years.  With an emphasis on stunning photojournalism, Life covered the most important issues of the day from World War II, to the Apollo missions, to the psychiatric uses of LSD.  The magazine is an Icon, and one of the most important visual chronicler of the American Experience.  For this collection Life gave Altru access to it’s photographic archive, including images that never made it into the print version of the magazine.  Our first collection features images celebrating the American Weekend: whether you’re going Steve McQueen style at the desert races a la Bruce Brown’s “On Any Sunday”,  or you’re practicing the vaunted tradition of checking out California girls in short shorts on the Venice boardwalk (see “High Waisted” below),  there’s a Altru x Life tee for you to throw on this weekend. Ahead of the full release – you can order the Life logo tee now from their online store.

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