Tee Hunter x Living Dreams interview

by on Mar 03, 2012

Tee Hunter speaks to Mickey, founder of Living Dreams. We got the chance to catch up with Mickey and chat over his upcoming brand, Living Dreams. He has some fun, tongue in cheek designs and an interesting story.

TeeHunter: First off Mickey, please give us a quick background on what Living Dreams is about?
LivingDreams:  Living Dreams is more than clothing; its lifestyle. It’s inspired by ones passion to head in the direction of your dreams and live the life you’ve always imagined! We are living our passion of making unique novelty t-shirts with funny sayings, positive quotes, cool photos, and the palm tree lifestyle!

TH: What type of products does Living Dreams currently offer?
LD: Currently Living Dreams offers both a Dude (mens) and Babe (womens) line of high end style t-shirts, tanks, v-necks, and also a hat. We currently print on Next Level Apparel brand clothing and Flexfit for the hat. This high quality supplier allows us to offer our customers a high end product but for a better price!

TH: What makes Living Dreams different from all the other clothing companies?
LD: Living Dreams separates itself from other clothing companies because is such a unique brand with no specific market in which it started off from. It is about as independent as you can get. You are buying more than just a t-shirt from us, but more of the idea of Living Dreams.

TH: Any big plans for 2012?
LD: Of course, We’re launching a hot spring line which features new tanks, v-necks and other spring-orientated fashion. In addition, we’re Launching Living Dreams TV! The concept is basically capturing all different types people living dreams daily through cinematography.  I think its safe to say, 2012 is going to be BIG for LDC!

TH: Tell us how we find out more information on Living Dreams Clothing and where to purchase your clothing?
LD: You can find Living Dreams Clothing on all the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter…we always have fresh new gear and giveaways every month! In addition, we are passionate about hearing from our fans and their positive feedback.

TH: Final words?
LD: Just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity for this interview. You run one of the web’s top independent fashion blogs around and honored to be a part of it. (Very kind, thanks! – Liam)


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