Teehunter x Macbeth: Interview w/ Designer Sam Larson

by on Dec 18, 2011

Macbeth was Co-founded in 2002 by platinum selling musician Tom DeLonge (Blink-182, Box Car Racer and Angels & Airwaves). DeLonge assembled a team of talented individuals to develop fashion-forward products that were inspired by the music scene and the action sports lifestyle of Southern California that he grew up in. Since 2002, Macbeth has been at the forefront of collaborative efforts with musicians, athletes and artists. Known primarily for their iconic footwear line Macbeth has built up a solid line in apparel to back up their shoes. We caught up with lead designer Sam Larson, who’s been with the brand for over 4 years to find out more about his work, inspirations and designing for one of alternative music’s biggest brands. Larson brings a great mix of influences to the brand taking it beyond the standard rock inspired label with ranges featuring everything from naval and american workwear influences right up to classic punk rock nuances. Sam was also kind enough to supply us with images of his various working drawings and concept sketches as well. You can see more info and products at macbeth.com

TH: What in your background led you to where you are now?
SL: Since I was a young kid, I loved art. As I grew older, music and fashion became a big part of my life. I started screen printing shirts in high school and sold them at concerts. Once I graduated, I went to college for Graphic Design. In college, I designed tons of band merch. I created designs for Blink-182 and Angels and Airwaves. Chris, the guy who runs the merch company was nice enough to connect me with Macbeth. He is awesome.

TH: What influences and inspirations contributed to the tshirt designs for fall/winter?
SL: Like most Macbeth products, we try to keep things classic. I have huge inspiration boards with hundreds of photos that I surround myself with. Wish I could show you a photo but that would give away all my secrets. A quick list would be: Motorcycle Culture, Rock n Roll, Sailing/Sea Life, and Americana.

TH: What are the best bits of your job?
SL: Being able to do what I love for a living. I also get to work with a bunch of cool people.

TH: What would you like customers to take away from the latest collection’s product experience?
SL: I just hope people dig what we keep putting out there. Everyone at Macbeth works their butts off to make the best products possible. So far, there has been a good response from this launch.

TH: How would you describe Macbeth’s products/style?
SL: Classic, with a modern touch. We like to use the term “Modern Classics”

TH: What are your influences as a designer?
SL: Everything. I know that sounds a little vague, but it’s true. Everything in my daily life influences my design style in some way or another… whether it is a cool store sign, rad packaging or something from a conversation I had with somebody that day. Also, I spend a ton of time online on designs sites and looking through old books for inspiration.

TH: What can we expect next from Macbeth next season?
SL: Can’t wait for people to see the 2012 lines. I think they are some of the most solid thus far. There will be lots rad new products and plenty of fan favorites.

Visit macbeth.com for their full collection, online store and a whole heap more. Big thank you to Sam for his time.

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