SPCL DLVY Lookbook 2011

by on Dec 22, 2011

Special Delivery Clothing Co. is the creative endeavour of brothers Dane and Kurt Steinke. After years of contemplation and consideration, a university project saw rise to the framework of SPCL DLVY and in 2011 the label was officially born. Based in Melbourne, Australia SPCL DLVY “draws inspiration from the city’s rich cultural backdrop, incorporating a subtle mix of art and design from the most exciting up and coming creatives both at home and abroad,” explains Dane, going on to say “Born out of a brotherly bond it’s a personal challenge against complacency. It’s more than the clothes, it’s more than a lifestyle, for us it’s an ideology, a benchmark, a challenge to deliver a product that is nothing short of, well, Special.” All releases are limited and exclusive, available via www.spcldlvy.com

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