Colus release "We Are What We Do" collection

by on Apr 09, 2011

Colus, a self titled designer label from artist/animator Colus Havenga out of Cape Town, South Africa now based in San Diego, California has released a collection themed “We Are What We Do”. “No convention, crafted without trend, colour or design stunts to hide behind, this collection tries to stay in its humblest form of design where negative space is as important as the art itself,” says Colus, who explores themes from morality to mortality with bold, contrast rich works with a symbolic tone. There is a permanent coupon code for 10% off for all you avid Tee Hunters out there: ILOVETEEHUNTER. You can shop the collection here.

Even Kings Fall.
Time waits for no one. Death haunts even the sovereign. Life is short. Make it count.

Live By The Sword [DBTS]
Metaphor. Poetic justice. Respect. Others. Period.

A principle, force or factor that is an active resistance, opposition, or contentiousness to oneself.

We Are What We Do
The eye symbol is a device used to represent our morality. Our mortality. Us. You. Since after all. We are what we do.

Stuck In The Headlights

Wise Owl
is a wise owl.

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