Tee Hunter Interviews Submit and Remix Curator Dan Mumford

by on Feb 22, 2010

Submit and Remix is a new artist focused clothing brand aimed at giving exposure to exciting designers and illustrators from around the world. It has been created by the people involved with Atticus, Lowlife and Wornby Clothing, and has the well known artist Dan Mumford looking after it’s creative direction. “The aim is to create something that is a labour of love and fun, but is overall driven by a desire to help support young artists” says Dan.

Submit & Remix

Submit & Remix

The brand will release series in drops of four tees. Each series will see two artists selected to design a tee, and they will then “remix” the other artists design, giving us 4 unique designs. Over time, the brand will be introducing new themes and ideas into the series to further expand on the depth of project and buck the trends and status quo of the current fashion world.

The first series features tees designed by Keaton Henson (who recently designed a range for Topshop as well as Urban Outfitters) and US designer Horsebites from the Black Axe (who has worked with bands such as Fall Out Boy and The Sex Pistols, as well as brands such as Pyknic and Rockett). Future artists lined up to be involved will include the (quite frankly) awesome Greg Abbot, amazingly dark Godmachine, Chrissie Abbot and Dan Mumford himself.

Tee Hunter spoke to Dan about his new brand to find out a little more about the concept and the future of Submit and Remix!

Horsebites Design

Horsebites' Design

TH: Please tell us your background and how it led you to where you are now?
I am a Illustrator working freelance amongst the music industry mainly, i went to University in Brighton and now live in London.

TH: What inspired the idea and formation of S&R?
It was born from a love of all the different artists work that are found on bands tee-shirts or cds, and wanting to give them the recognition they dont always get.

Keatons Design

Keaton's Design

TH: What did you hope to bring to the table that was fresh and new?
More than anything S&R is about the artists and their work, that and the fact we are getting them to work with each other with the remix aspect, in a way its getting the artists to look at work in another way.

TH: How often will you be releasing remixes and can you give us an idea of some possible future artists you will be involving?
We aim to release every couple of months with 4 tee’s, for the first few series at least. After that we may make it more tees per series or more frequent, at this point we are just working that out. Future artists are looking very exciting, but we would like to keep them under wraps for now!

Keatons remix of Horsebites design

Keaton's remix of Horsebites' design

TH: Can artists approach you to contribute or will it be invite only?
Artists are more than welcome to send their portfolios over for us to have a look at, we are always looking for new artists.

TH: Will you be releasing your remixes in lines or will it be regular individual releases?
Each series has 2 artists, with 4 tees in total at the moment, we dont plan to release anything individually at the moment!

Horsebites remix of Keatons design

Horsebites' remix of Keaton's design

TH: Which is your favourite of the current tshirts and why?
It has to be Keatons remix tee (pictured above), all that bright pink blows my mind, and the print came out spectacular, so thats probably my favourite at the moment!

TH: What are your hopes for this new brand in 2010?
For it to continue doing well and get a lot more amazing tee’s out there.

Head over to www.submitandremix.com for more info and to buy these tshirts! Each is priced at £24.99 each.

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