Top Tee! Ghetto Love Tshirt from Dead Bury Dead

by on Dec 26, 2009

Dead Bury Dead is a great new emergind brand that I wanted to give a mention on here! The tshirt pictured is Ghetto Love from their current line and I absolutely love it! It is super simple, great colour tshirt with swooping, stylised typography. Winner! Grabs a Tee Hunter Top Tee award for being sublime.

Ghetto Love Tshirt from Dead Bury Dead

Ghetto Love Tshirt from Dead Bury Dead

The best news is in 2010 they will be shipping internationally so that the world can get hot and sexy by wearing their threads. Better still…Look out for an interview with brand owner Brandon appearing on very soon!

You can grab this tshirt from here priced at $21.99

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