Top Tee! Night Of The Living Bread!! Halloween Tshirt

by on Sep 30, 2009

Here we go! The first official Halloween tshirt posted on Tee Hunter in 2009! What a classic! Great illustration and a funny yet also very cool tshirt. Available for guys and girls! This has to get a Top Tee Award! for sheer ingenuity and design prowess!

Night Of The Living Bread! Halloween Tshirt

Night Of The Living Bread! Halloween Tshirt

The shirt is available on a limited pre-order at the moment from Seventh.Ink you also recieve a free bag with every pre-order! The price is only $14.99 down from the regular $17.99.

Orders will ship at the start of October! So grab your one now and start rocking the Halloween vibe before all your mates.

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