Tee Hunter Interviews Southern Brand Founder

by on May 07, 2009
Southern Brand Spring 2009 Collection!

Southern Brand Spring 2009 Collection!

Tee Hunter spoke to Chris Romero, Co-Founder (with Josh Oberhausen) of Southern Brand, a great new Southern themed tshirt brand that has recently sprung out of the moist, nutritious soil of an Advertising / Branding agency called Southern Brand Collective. They’re located in Miami, Florida One account they work on is the Miami “Heat” basketball team. I really dig their simple, evocative designs that ooze, albeit occasionally tongue in cheek Southern charm. Their special vintage finish that makes Southern Brand tshirts some of the best fitting, softest, most awesome tshirts I have ever had the pleasure of wearing. This is what Chris had to say…

TH: What inspired the launch of Southern Brand?
We launched Southern Brand as a creative outlet for our affinity for all things southern: music, design, food, literature and general southern culture.

TH: What is your background and how did it help in getting yourself into the tshirt business?
Our day job is branding. We run a marketing and branding firm and we’ve been building brands for others for a lot of years. We decided to launch our own brand based on what we dig.

TH: What is your personal favourite Southern Brand design?
I like Riff-Raff and Born To Break Even and the Red Rooster is one of his favorites as well. Josh likes The Smoker since he’s the chef around here.

TH: What do you think it is about Southern or even Western style that is so timeless, rugged and plain cool?
Well I’m drawn to the Southern aesthetic because it’s got integrity and truth in it. It’s not flashy or trendy, just straight forward and hard-workin’. And I think it’s reflective of it’s surroundings. Simple. Clever. Blue Collar. It’s American.

TH: What can tshirt lovers expect from Southern Brand in the coming year?
We’re collaborating with the North Mississippi Allstars on some Limited Edition designs and we’ll be releasing some new Southern Brand designs as well.

Big thank you to Chris and also the lovely Tara from Southern Brand for their time and help with this feature!

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