Rich Kidz Clothing Interview

by on Feb 22, 2009
Rich KidzRich Kidz

Tee Hunter is really excited about the fresh new brand launching this year called “Rich Kidz.” It is colourful, larger than life and just plain awesome. The Hunter recently featured one of the sick, eye catching designs from Rich Kidz and decided to pick the brains of founder Tyrell Brown about his new company and clothing line.

TH: What inspired you to start your brand?
What inspired me to start my brand was my drive to become an innovator and bring something different to the fashion world whilst still being able to fulfil my dream of being a successful entrepreneur.

Rich Kidz Clothing

Rich Kidz Clothing

TH: What are your hopes and goals for your brand?
My hopes and goals for rich kidz would be that we can create a whole new market of consumers and to become the number one independent clothing line in the world.

TH: Who do you think will be into your designs?
I think skateboarders, backpackers, hip hop celebs…I feel a wide range of people will be into my designs. Not just one particular group or market.

Rich Kidz Rich Grillz

Rich Kidz "Rich Grillz"

TH: What has been the biggest positive event and biggest negative event on the road to getting your brand up and running so far?
The biggest positive event would be the day god blessed me with the name Rich Kidz for my clothing company! The biggest negative event would be while creating Rich Kidz Clothing I was on house arrest so I had to do everything at home from my basement I could not go out and make connections promote I had to figure out a way to get everything done from my computer

TH: How do you hope to stand out amongst the plethora of other tshirt brands?
I plan to stand out from other brands by always staying fresh and bringing new designs. Also you will always receive gift with every shirt purchase! A toy, cd, coupons, dvd etc. Rich Kidz is for the individuals who want to become the leaders the elite and consumers will feel that lifestyle once they put a Rich Kidz Piece of Clothing on!

Thank you to Tyrell Brown for his time and best of luck with the launch! Visit Rich Kidz now!

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