The Student Collection: Game of Loans

“Brace yourselves…interest is coming.” – Ned Stark, probably.

Whether you’re in college, heading there, or already out – we can all agree that student loans suck. Thankfully, college has a lot to offer us besides debt. For the first time in your life, you have the freedom to stay up as late as you want, have midnight taco-bell runs, super smash bro championships that last until morning, and procrastination championships that last all year. You can attempt to heat up pizza on an iron, try to make noodles in a coffee pot, and avoid your roommate at all costs. The choice is completely yours whether or not you go out, or stay in. It’s kind of awesome.

10% of college actually consists of going to class, eating food, doing mundane things, hanging out with friends, and partying. The rest of it mostly consists of procrastination, and crying about procrastination. The struggle is real.

If we’re honest, it’s kind of weird that we all seem to have these shared experiences in our early adult years. It’s a little dystopian if you think about it too hard, especially if you consider the fact that it’s kind of compulsory – but at the same time shackles you with crippling debt and doesn’t really get you much in the real world unless you had a semi-useful internship that gave you job experience. College is weird, man.

That’s why we’ve gone around the web and collected all the great t-shirts every student can relate to…all in one handy-dandy place that you can scroll through while procrastinating on your latest essay assignment. Besides, you have to blow your cash on something to forget the debt monster that’s looming overhead, don’t you? So, take a look…and don’t let the existential loan crisis set in. These are the best years of your life. Right?

Oh, and don’t forget – if you know of a relatable #student t-shirt and don’t see it here, help us out by submitting it so we can add it the collection. We don’t want to miss any!