Shiva Stripes T-Shirt

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Shiva Stripes

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Here’s one for all you Shaivites and Yoga fans. / Especially useful for those occasions where eyebrows would rise if you were to front up with three big streaks of ash across your forehead punctuated by a large red THIRD EYE. / If you look closely you will see that the art is made up of thousands of OM’s / The stripes represent the three states existence we must all experience, pass through and become free from. They are Tamas, Rajas and Sattva. Tamas is inertia, dull, thick, solid, sleepy. Rajas is the world of action- excitement, passion, danger, thrill-seeking, work, power. Sattva is the state of peacefulness, equilibrium, focus on good deeds and thoughts, poise and compassion. All these states can trap us, even Sattva. We must move on to the state where no thoughts can become attachments, only then will we be free to experience our own inner Self, represented by the red dot, or Bindi. / The printed T shirt is not as bright as in the preview. More like ash grey. • Also buy this artwork on apparel, phone cases, home decor, and more.

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