Fancy Specrum Bomb Pattern Design T-Shirt

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Fancy Specrum Bomb Pattern Design

from Threadless
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Appears in Festival Ready Tees

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When you first look at the all-over pattern of “Spectrum Bomb!“, the only thing you know about it is that it looks rad. But there’s a pretty cool story all about how this design came to be, and it pretty much sums up what the community aspect of Threadless is. We’re all about bringing artists together from all over the world, and the collaboration between Chuck Pavoni (chuckpcomics) and Philipp Rietz (badbugs_art) tells the tale of a beautiful friendship. ...' read the full article @ Printed! My new fancy & colorful design in collaboration with my friend @chuckpcomics aka chuck pavoni.Super awesome colorful low poly style fashion. Very LUXURY & UNUSUAL Fashion / Cloth. A must have for all who need color in here Live and around. Celebrate the pride gender rainbow colors spectrum bomb. A super fancy-exclusive and offbeat modern Fashionable T-Shirt, Tank Top, Home Goods, , Phone Covers, Duvet Covers comes all with our new design. A must have and super gift for all Pride , G Fashion Able , Hipster Girls. Also great for all Festival Party and psychedelic cloth lovers! This Pattern is one of the colorful and nicely textured abstract artworks if ever done. Its the most crazy and best all over Prints all the time.THX THREADLESS!I Hope u like my outlandish stuff XD !!!Shop Link:


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