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19 Punisher T-Shirts to Darken a Bad Day

by on Oct 23, 2017

My first exposure to the character of The Punisher was in the pages of Spider-Man comic books. Back then I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the guy. Was he a good guy or a bad guy? And why…

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18 Badass Jon Snow T-Shirts For the King in the North

by on Jun 03, 2017

In just a little over a month, Game of Thrones Season 7 airs. HBO has begun its countdown, airing one season a week until the pilot hits television screens across the world. It’s the most anticipated show of 2017. Last week…

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Catwoman – Good or Bad (or a Bit of Both)

by on Mar 04, 2016

Now we can all go on and on about characters like Napoleon Dynamite and Bella Swan and Joffrey Baratheon.  With their two-dimensional glamour and flimsy development, they are a disgrace to the industry.  Everyone knows that, and of course, there’s more than…

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Giveaway: Win 2 Breaking Bad Tees from King of Shirts

by on Aug 03, 2015

New week, we “giveaway” and this time we’ve got something special for all you Breaking Bad fans out there. One of our newest tee brands, King of Shirts, and they offered 2 amazing Breaking Bad tees designed by Wayne Maguire…

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ShirtBattle: 6 Bad Villains You’ll Love

by on Jul 27, 2015

For every great superhero you need an even greater villain, that’s just how things are. Villains are cool and everyone know it. So if you’re the kind of guys that gets sad when all the villain’s hard work gets spoiled…

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Bad Ass Star Wars Action Figures from Square Enix

by on Mar 31, 2015

Square Enix has a pretty great sideline in action figures and last December they announced they’re gonna release three official Star Wars action figures. Darth Vader, the classic “Star Wars” villain will be joined by two compatriots — Boba Fett…

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TeeTurtle – Bad Animals and Shiny Plushies

by on Mar 16, 2015

We start this week with two new comfy animal t-shirts from TeeTurtle and some super cute and shiny plushies. All bad animals desigs are now on sale, $15 each for a limited time only! Stabby the Unicorn He will not…

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Better Call Saul – Prequel to Breaking Bad

by on Jan 13, 2015

Even though Breaking Bad ended in 2013 there was still a story that needed to be told. Better Call Saul will follow sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman (James McGill) in the years before he became wrapped up with Walter White and…

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New Tees from Bad Seam

by on Jan 03, 2015

Bad Seam produce some of the funniest damn t-shirts I have ever seen! Bad Seam was founded by a beautiful ex-stripper and an ex-corporate android.  They are:  Lotus Wilshire and Blue Thornwood …  And they absolutely love to test the…

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Amorphia Apparel – Badass Women of ScienceT-shirts

by on Dec 18, 2014

Amorphia Apparel specializes in minimalist designs featuring funny and frequently sarcastic designs for the discerning geek. The man behind Amorphia Apparel and the one that designs every single tee is Jeremy Kalgreen. His latest t-shirt collection is called Baddass Women…

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A Very Bad Kitty Christmas – TeeTurtle Pre-Order

by on Nov 24, 2014

Are you ready for Christmas? In case you haven’t already got a present for your loved ones I have just the thing for you. Pre-order the “A very bad kitty Christmas” t-shirt from TeeTurtle for just $12 now and get…

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Breaking Bad Among the Big Winners at the Emmy Awards 2014

by on Aug 27, 2014

The final season of Breaking Bad has taken top honors at this year’s Emmy Awards with 5 wins including Best Drama Series. Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad lauded his crew and cast for their work on the AMC…

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Bad Seam T-shirts – T-shirts that bend all the rules!

by on Feb 20, 2014

Bad Seam was born from the ashes of a corruptly governed society.  It was founded by a beautiful ex-stripper and an ex-corporate android.  They are:  Lotus Wilshire and Blue Thornwood. And they absolutely love to test the limits of Free…

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GIVEAWAY: $60 worth of Breaking Bad T-Shirts

by on Aug 13, 2013

Update: The contest has a winner! Thank you everybody for participating! We’ll announce our winner shortly  in a blog post! The first episode has aired and we loved it so much we reached to our friends at RedBubble with a…

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Top 75 Breaking Bad T-shirts – Step Aside, Here Comes Walter White!

by on Jul 18, 2013

Get ready, fans of Breaking Bad! The second part of the season is not too far away! Very soon we’ll find out the fate of Walter White! What will Hank do to W.W?? While we can’t guarantee it’ll help the…

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Breaking Bad T-shirts – Top 10

by on Nov 19, 2012

Breaking Bad T-shirts – Brings us closer to our AMC Heroes! Team TeeHunter is a huge fan of the TV show, we’ve seen all the episodes and right now we’re excited to see what’s next..  On August 14, 2011, AMC…

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Breaking Bad, Heisenberg and a bunch of T-shirts from RedBubble

by on Sep 10, 2012

One word : Heisenberg. For those who are not familiar with this name I will do a brief description. Heisenberg is the name of the main character from  the TV show Breaking Bad, who goes from an underachieving chemistry genius…

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Bad Giraffe Summer 2011 Collection

by on Aug 03, 2011

Bad Giraffe, a UK based clothing brand with a unique selling point..

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Cottonmouth Releases Limited Edition Bad Girl Candy Collection

by on Nov 06, 2009

Excellent Dutch girly label Cottonmouth has released a new limited edition collection. The good old Pin-ups are the basis for this latest collection.

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Top Tee: Black, White & Bad-ass "FrankenBully" Tshirt from Monster Mash!

by on Aug 31, 2009

“FrankenBully” Tshirt from Monster Mash, San Diego is a realld example of their clean, memorable designs.

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