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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Who am I kidding? We’re playing all day and you guys get to see it on video.

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TeeHunter Show: Episode 2 – Redbubble Unboxing

We got some great feedback on our first episode so we decided to make another one. In this episode we try on some new t-shirts from RedBubble. Sergiu has the Wolf of Wallstreet “Was it legal?”, Andreea got the wrong…

by on Nov 01, 2014

TeeHunter Show: Episode 1 – Design by Humans Unboxing

Ladies and gentlemen, the TeeHunter Show is here! This the first episode we did to celebrate our exclusive Coupon Code from Design by Humans that you guys can use to get a 20% discount on everything you order. We got…

by on Oct 20, 2014

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