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We started Tee-Bits as a way of expressing our love for geek culture, especially in the gaming world. Here at Tee-Bits, we endeavour to succinctly capture the snarky gamer’s spirit on T-shirts, so that you can express your varied responses to gaming faux pas anytime, anywhere.

Our work may be laced with salt and sarcasm, but be at ease: that’s merely the persona we adopt for the specific purpose of content creation.

We’re working professionals who will treat you fairly and respectfully. Feel free to speak to us if you have any questions!


About the team:

Tartufu: The brains of the operation, and the one with all the ideas for new products. When he’s not too busy doing all the real work around here, such as talking to customers and filing taxes, he can be found playing board games or scouring the Internet for obscure projects to throw money at.

Talietzin: The resident grammar Nazi, self-proclaimed content connoisseur, and financial manager. Spends all his time highlighting mistakes and design faux pas. Usually hides in the F├╝hrerbunker, but can be lured out of hiding with a generous helping of food.

Giving back to the Gamer Community:

Gamers look after their own. Whereas society frowns upon gaming in general as a waste of time, we at Tee-Bits see gaming and popular-culture as a way of learning, growing, and giving.

When you buy our products, you are not only supporting the global gaming community; you’ll also be encouraging the next generation of gamers by providing children with access to the power of play!

Every month, Tee-Bits will donate a portion of our profits to Child’s Play Charity, which provides support and comfort for children living in hospitals and domestic violence shelters by providing gaming facilities and equipment.

In addition, Tee-Bits will also donate US$1 to Child’s Play Charity for every Tee-Bits Logo Tee bought from this webstore. The donations from the Logo Tees are separate from the donations derived from the overall profits.

The amounts donated will be announced on our social media channels each month.

If you wish to donate directly, you may do so here: http://childsplaycharity.org/donate

Kids Love Ice Cream

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Tee-Bits Logo Shirt

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Rank 1

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Plebeian Essentials

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Get Rekt

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Gamer Throne (Green)

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Gamer Girl

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Console Yourself (Zony P-Az 4)

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Console Yourself (Ex-Box)

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70% Salt

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Davai And Conquer!

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