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Yes, that’s Kristy Swanson, (the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer) & our Sunnydale High Buffy tribute shirt.

We print vintage style graphics on premium blended t-shirts. Primarily focusing on pop-culture, gaming, movies.

We thought the name was pretty ridiculous, but we wanted to use it as an outlet for some of our ideas, and make nice shirts that people would enjoy wearing to more subtly represent there love for the nerdier things in life. Even if you love comic books, you might not want to wear a boxy Gildan t-shirt with a cheesy corporate graphic. We’ve always felt people love there old, worn t-shirts more. Everyone’s favorite t-shirts are soft, worn & faded, serving as a testament of your loyalty to the graphics. We use premium 60/40 blended t-shirts, with an awesome fit, to make sure Shirtnado tees become your favorites, right off the bat. So we’ve been selling them out of our brick and mortar shop in Braddock, PA, and vending at shows, comic conventions, etc, just trying to spread the word. We love parodies, inside jokes & obscure references to pop culture, and that’s what we try to get across with the brand. So that’s the gist of it, we hand screen & tag each shirt with love, and hope we can put them in the hands of people with an appreciation for sweet tees.



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