The People United

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The People United was created with the concept of forming an organization to bring people together around a civic cause. When that cause was taken up by organization created by someone else, Darryl Daniels eventually decided to build a brand around the digitally-painted arm art that heI had created. Darryl initially wanted to create a brand around just the t-shirts, but found a company that not only did that but did canvas and poster printing as well, so that is a secondary part of the brand as well.


The United People will soon  be expanding the line to include different renderings of the artwork in the series as well so keep an eye on them!

I painted the flag-covered arm artwork which is the heart of this brand as a symbol of a collective determination to strengthen our nation’s bonds and embrace its promise of a more perfect union.

In that spirit of unity,  I present the PeopleUnited,  an artistic statement of belief that, together, we can overcome our greatest challenges. – Darryl Daniels


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