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Loyal Creations is a t-shirt brand created by fellow artists: Diterkha, Energony, TheBluestJay, and May128.

Salutations. Love anything that’s fantasy? Came to the right place! Fill in your fantasy needs with our collection ranging from dragons to the magical unknown. Our team of artists are always hard at work brainstorming and creating unique designs for others to enjoy. We strive to make our customers happy by providing the best quality shirts that we can. Stop by our store today to be dazzled by our products and receive monthly coupons to safe your bank account. Thank you for visiting.


Meet our crew of skilled artists who are responsible to providing the designs who see before you. Don’t be shy now visit their DeviantArt profiles where their full artists abilities are fully realized.

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Diterkha – Welcome. I’m Kamila and I’m a self-taught digital artist. I love to draw fantasy stuff, dragons mostly, but I’m always open for other themes. I dream about working in game-dev branch, and I work all my artist-life to achieve this goal
Diterkha on DeviantArt

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Energony – Ok-ok, first thing you got to know is I’m a chatter box. I’m really happy to find new source of communication with different talented people. Second thing, English is not my native language, so I may do mistakes^.^”
Energony on DeviantArt

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TheBluestJay on DeviantArt

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May128 – Hello. I’m a self taught digital artist and the founder of LoyalCreations. I enjoy playing video games and drawing that’s all things colorful.
Mayle on DeviantArt


We spice up the website with weekly submissions of our designs. Come by every Friday to see what sort of new product available to purchase.

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