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Don’t Make This Weird Clothing

People always ask us “who is this brand for?” and we always reply the with the same simple answer “It’s for anyone that likes to have fun”. We made this brand with the mindset that anyone should be able to rep it, regardless of your race or religion, or if you skate, surf, ride, rave to EDM, listen to hip hop or rock. Our goal is to create awesome designs that anyone can wear.

Don’t make this weird and rep it!


So … how did this whole thing get started? That’s actually a pretty funny story.

One of the partners here at DMTW (who will remain nameless) likes to partake in an adult beverage from time to time. Apparently, while enjoying a few libations with some friends said partner became slightly intoxicated and “browned” out (similar to blacking out just with some pieces still available to be recalled). Now this particular guy has been using the “Don’t Make This Weird” line for quite some time to defuse what could become awkward conversations and ultimately get what he wants … use your imagination on what that is. However this night he stumbled home by himself and went to bed.

The next morning he received a text from a girl that he had not spoken to in quite a while reading, “um … was that a booty call last night?” (she will also remain nameless so she can’t sue). Confused he read through his message and saw one text that said only this, ”seriously… don’t make this weird” at 2am. The girl explained that this was the best booty call line that she had ever heard (she was an expert, and believe it or not, till this day they are still a happy couple).

Fast forward a little bit to this partners birthday when he received a gag gift of a t-shirt with his now trademarked catchphrase printed on it. Gold!! Everywhere he wore this thing the public response was epic! DMTW had been born. Like a phoenix from the ashes … Don’t make this weird!


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