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A Celebration of Authenticity

As people, we all have our own unique interests and passions that we identify ourselves with. Via fun, quirky, and creatively designed clothing, Convigi is a brand that looks to bring us fanatics and enthusiasts together to rally around our interests. Our brand represents the teens and adults that grew up, but brought aspects of their childhood with them. The ones that have intense pride and passion in what they enjoy regardless of what society deems is ‘age appropriate’. The ones that admire awesome art and design. The ones who always feel secure in who they are, no matter what. It isn’t just our hobbies: it’s a lifestyle for us. Whether it’s animation/illustration, gaming, music, cosplay or literally anything else; Convigi looks to celebrate these lifestyles. We don’t care what people think; we like what we like, period! Like the cosmos, our passion knows no limits. Pride and love for our authentic and unapologetic selves is what it’s all about here.

'Cosmic Cone' Tee

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'Circa 1992' Tee

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'Epic Space Man' Tee

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‘Drunk Monkey’ Tee

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