ONE TEE – Where do YOU come from?

by on Jul 21, 2017

One BRAND is a new brand started by a passionate and compassionate husband-wife team. It’s a young apparel brand centered around pro-unity and pro-immigraton. One BRAND’s signature product is ONE TEE. “ONE” stands for opportunity, nurture and equality. The brand has a unique approach in creating custom t-shirts based on where their customers are from. That’s right, think of ONE TEE has a tshirt that represent’s where a person comes from all while creating cross-cultural and cross-geographic unity.

The passion and care poured into One BRAND and ONETEE flows effortlessly throughout the brand, website and products. I’ve had the opportunity to speak directly with the team behind One BRAND and I can attest to their attention to detail and their genuine care for what it is that they’re doing. This is brand worth supporting… and you can. One BRAND is currently LIVE on kickstarter. 10% of the proceeds from One BRAND will be donated to a local non-profit in New Orleans, CCANO. The organization helps immigrants and refugees in New Orleans.

This lifestyle and apparel company is hoping to nurture an increasingly interconnected world. It all starts with the ONE TEE!

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