Festival Ready: Make Your Crop Top Mean More.

by on Jun 08, 2017

Festival season has arrived. Yes, sweet summer time is just around the corner. That means, fun, flowy festival style and plenty of funky outfits to go around. Summer rompers (and the very new man-romper things) are playing out in an ongoing trend. We can all admit, though, the port-a-pot situation in the hot summer sun can get pretty interesting! If I were to give one word of advice on festival style…it would be to opt for multiple piece outfits rather than the ever convenient “one and done” summer trend.

The crop top style is adorable and now, your crop top can give back. We’ve recently partnered with Smiling Times, who has a solid line of ladies crop tops. Let a little belly out and support world-wide charity efforts by purchasing with a purpose. We may have just answered (as one piece of the puzzle) the question of “What the heck should I wear to cochleae!?”

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