Omni Peace, Fighting Poverty Through Education

by on May 16, 2017

The OmniPeace Foundation is a non-profit organization that exists to empower youth in extremely impoverished cultures through education. Having successfully started and funded 8 Schools since first being founded in 2007 OmniPeace just recently launched their 8th school with the first day off class starting on September 5th of last year. School number 8 is The Rwanda Rocks Music School. You can buy the shirts that fund Omni Peace Schools.

The Foundation was founded by actress Mary Fanaro and was able to gain popularity in part because of her fame. Additionally, there have been many actors and actresses that have advocated on behalf of OmniPeace. The familiar faces have helped drive awareness, funds and and increased possibility to grow influence.

Mary Fanaro and Courteney Cox in OmniPeace T-Shirts. Photo: Courtesy of OmniPeace

As a result of their wide-spread recognition and ability to raise funds, OmniPeace has been able to expand their positive influence beyond just schools. The organization is also responsible for partnering with the New York Giants to feed families in Somalia. Additionally they have taken huge strides towards creating peace in the Congo.

In the rise of modern technology, the Congo has become the source for many necessary minerals and other natural materials for advanced electronics. The resulting multi million dollar mineral trade sparked wide spread conflict and specifically wide spread sexual abuse of women and children in conflict zones. These minerals became referred to as “conflict minerals” according to Thanks to the efforts OmniPeace and Lalela Project collaborating on the ’Stamp Out Violence Against Women and Girls of Congo’ T-shirt campaign, they were able to push technology companies to source “conflict free” resources for their products. This viral video was created to help increase awareness to the issue and to push for more donations and t-shirt sales:

According to OmniPeace, more that 15,000 children are being educated through their primary schools. Although they’ve had less publicity as of late, the foundation shows no signs of slowing down and has pushed forward to open the latest school.

See the success of the latest school:

We came across OmniPeace t-shirts for sale through one of our partner brands Sunfrog. We love when brands support worthwhile charities and work towards such great causes as fighting poverty. OmniPeace t-shirts support their school building projects. Having just launched The Rwanda Rocks Music School, we are anxious to see the next project the OmniPeace takes on. You can see the entire collection of OmniPeace tshirts here.

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