WonderCon Day One

by on Apr 02, 2017

On Friday, WonderCon 2017 kicked off at the Anaheim Convention Center. And I was in attendance the moment the doors opened. Compared to its cousin, San Diego Comic Con, this show is much less crazy. Though it gets more crowded every year, it’s still a more manageable convention.

Being the first day of the con and a shorter day, there were not too many extravagant cos players (or at least that I saw). I’m sure they are waiting for tomorrow (Saturday) and the masquerade. Suicide Squad Harley Quinns were still fairly popular. And there were a few Spider-Men carrying Captain America shields al a Civil War.

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Though WonderCon may not get the flood of celebrities that SDCC gets, I did attend some fun panels. Most were a little more old school, just a bunch of people sitting around talking about the geek things they love.

I sat in on, Buffy the Vampire 20th Anniversary panel. It was presented by the writing team of the Buffy oral history, Vampires & Slayers. It was fun to hear some of the tales they were told for the book. Granted, cast or crew, with the exception of Camden Toy, most known as one of the Silence.

Unbelievably I walked right into The Goldberg’s panel which was hosted by Kevin Smith!

Yeah, the rest of the cast and crew were there. And they showed the upcoming Batman episode, which Kevin directed.

The last panel of the day was on movies of 1987 and which were the most geeky. Again, no celebrities, just a bunch of writers talking about films. And helping us to recall some shared geeky memories.

Oh, and I found it funny that the man hosting the panel was wearing this La La Land shirt.

That sums up day one, can’t wait to see what Saturday brings!!!

Here’s a few cos play pics from the day:

As well as yours truly.

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