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by on Apr 14, 2017

Another week, another batch of great t-shirts. For those of you unfamiliar with the weekly selected: Each day I log on to TeeHunter to approve the latest batch of t-shirts uploaded to our site. I gather my favorites from the week, throw in a few from the past and present the Weekly Selected. From great designs to bits of nostalgia to the cool people behind the brands, I’ve got all different reasons for picking the t-shirts. Here’s this week’s picks. Maybe you’ll discover your next favorite t-shirt.

Earth day is around the corner and we’ve seen an increase in the number of earth related t-shirt uploads from artists at some of our biggest brands! This is one of my favorites, a good thing to remember.

Clean, solid, shapes and lines meet the fluidity of water. Big props to this designer for encompassing it all.


from DesignByHumans added by

This little guy is just too adorable to overlook. The artist did a great job drawing this little guy. I’m guessing it was an ink sketch later digitized. How cute his this little nugget!?

Cute Little Hedgehog

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Picked this tshirt because we aren’t all so glamorous when we first wake up. The look, the sound of heavy breathing, all a little Darth Vader some mornings.

Star Wars – Woke Up

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This Rosa Parks T-shirt always cracks me up. It was recently uploaded in a new color. History books can be pretty boring. Imagine if text books spoke in the slang we see today.

Summer time is coming. This is a rad shirt for dudes or ladies.

This one cracked me up. I once got a note from a guy that said, “If you were a booger, I’d pick you first.” This is pretty much on par as another equally terrible pick up line.


from BustedTees added by
$20.00 $10.00

Speaking of pickup lines, be careful what you wish for because some of us ladies have:

What if instead of a generation under the influence of opioids we were under the influence of happiness? (sorry to get deep on ya for a second there.

This designer is one I’ve noticed time and time again. Thepapercrane from Design by Humans does a great job of capturing nature.

Sea of Serenity

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Gotta squat for something!

Summer season is quickly approaching and that means concerts. Ladies, gentlemen, groupies, claim the lead singer before someone else does.

NineTwo apparel is a brand created by two young kids with the help of their parents. They’re ambitious young guys and it will be cool to see their journey of entrepreneurship.

For people full of good ideas. My cousin had a great idea, she thought we should go to the desert and camp this weekend.


from East Van Tees added by

So, I will be one Happy Camper this weekend. I love this simply camping t-shirt.

Until next week!

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