You Need to Stop Bashing Millennials

There are a lot of negative articles bashing on millennials these days. We are supposedly selfish, greedy, entitled, “snowflakes”, too sensitive, needy, we get participation trophies for everything, and we look at the world with our own special view. Supposedly we have the belief that the world revolves completely around us and we deserve to be handed everything in life without ever putting in the work.

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Millennials supposedly think they are the bees knees and that the problem isn’t them, it’s everyone else.

As you can see by these facts, millennials are actually pretty important and in today’s society we have a very powerful influence and we know it. Some would say that this is why we appear entitled. We have always been told that we can do and be anything. Why is that a bad thing? Essentially it has created a generation of entrepreneurs, people who are able to see problems and create solutions. Not only that but we aren’t afraid to fail doing it. We have the ability to fall down and get back up and try again.

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Maybe you see it as a sense of entitlement, however, I would say it is an outstanding level of determination. We want it all and we are willing to go after it. We have high standards and high expectations, because we have a healthy respect for ourselves and set boundaries on how people can and cannot treat us as human beings.

So where some see entitlement, I see greater authenticity and audacity. Millennials will shoot for the stars—and if they fall down, they’ll get right back up and try it a different way.
-Forbes, “Six Reasons Millennials Are Actually the Best Workers”

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Hell yeah we believe in our selfies! Our generation not only has confidence, we have connections, which even the baby boomer generation can agree on. Often it’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know. We are in a unique place in history right now where we have the ability to connect on multiple social media platforms. We have the world at our fingertips, and many of us have utilized the opportunity to create great things.

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Selfish and greedy are also words used to describe our generation. Let us not forget the statistic that we are willing to pay more for products that we believe in and have a greater purpose. Did you know that we are also willing to get paid less for a job that we are passionate about? Our generation cares. We care about the earth and we care about each other. It’s not over-sensitive to be offended when a group of people is being discriminated against.

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. -Steve Jobs

Our generation refuses to standby and witness injustice. We want a world for our children, we want all people to be treated equally and justly, and hell we just want a human being to be treated like a human being!

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Like it or not our generation is here to stay and lets be real baby boomers…YOU RAISED US! Just because our generation has chosen to work smarter and not harder is not something to be put down, but celebrated. There is a lot of turmoil in the world right now, created in large part by the older generation. It’s time for a change, and like it or not the millennials are here to bring it.

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