Weekly T-Shirt Round Up: Stellar Designs

by on Mar 11, 2017

There were a lot of impressive designs that came down the pipeline recently. Each morning I sit down and sift through the latest uploads, coffee in hand, checking out what the artists submitted the previous night. It’s cool and always a unique set of designs and personnel behind each shirt, brand, art work and hustle. This week I picked my favorites at random. Cool designs, clever sayings, psychedelic art. You want to feature your shirts on our site? Get in touch.

A little reminder that its a big, vast galaxy out there and maybe our problems aren’t so big.

This one challenged me to search out the definition of sublime. Sublime is defined as “of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe.” The shirt says “The view from yourself is sublime.” It’s a t-shirt inspired by a German band.

Respect to all the mothers. I’m simply raising a dog and I am exhausted.

In celebration of the return of the 1990-1991 Television series Twin Peaks. We tribute Lady Log.

Log Lady T-Shirt

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This was chosen simply because I agree 100%.

The first time I’ve seen “I’m with her” in relation to the earth and not for a political agenda. We’ve got to protect the precious Mother Earth. I am for sure, with her.

I'm With Her T-Shirt

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Radical David Bowie art.

D-Bo T-Shirt

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Lot’s of U2 uploads coming down the pipeline this week. Must be a big fan out there.

Limited edition.

I’m not sure this is calling a raccoon as cute as a panda that just happens to hang out with trash, or if its really hating on raccoons. Either way, thought it was kind of cool.

Homebrew, yes. Cheers to the craft!

And one cool elephant graphic.


Modern Art Elephant

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