Weekly T-Shirt Round Up: Impressive Uploads

by on Mar 04, 2017

This past week we were excited to see East Van Tees add a slew of new t-shirts to our search engine. Known for their artist analog sketch to digital print approach, we were anxious to see what the artist had come up with this time. My personal favorite, the camera tee. Check it out below and see their brand page here. Look for an artist interview from them coming soon!


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Given the current very tense atmosphere of the U.S. where I write this from. This shirt is a simple, easily digested reminder. We should all Do Good.

This one was chosen for the mere fact that the man I spend the most time with is of the K9 variety. He just happens to be very interested in sticks and looks oddly similar to the dog on the shirt. When I saw this upload, I knew I had to share.

At TeeHunter were in a phase of brainstorming all the things we can do to improve, grow and add value for our amazing brands. Yesterday the office looked a lot like this idea cloud. Ideas raining down.

IDEAS… T-Shirt

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DoodleDude is the artist behind this unique upload. He’s a talented guy and an artist within one of our bigger brands, TeePublic. I had the pleasure of having a quick conversation this week and this was one of my favorite of his submitted t-shirts. If you’re an artist within one of our bigger brands, feel free to contact us to help promote your t-shirts.

Ode to large, angry apes. I stumbled across this tee as I searched for my t-shirt of choice to wear to the upcoming release of King Kong Skull Island. You could get your own Kong shirts for free. We’re doing a giveaway to celebrate.


Angry Chimp

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This one just stood out as funky and cool to me. And I agree, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Convigi has been with us for a while. They’ve got a cool line of space-travel style t-shirts that are out of this world. (Good Pun, right?) They recently updated their brand page and as I was checking it out, I stumbled upon this beauty. I imagine this is what ice cream cones in space look like.

'Cosmic Cone' Tee

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OldSkull is the latest brand to partner with TeeHunter. They’ve got their style dialed in and have recently added a ton of shirts. They’ve got a bit of an urban, vintage feel and are proud to be summed up in one simple quote, “…be young, be foolish, be happy.” You can see all their t-shirts here.

A little change in the weather and the upswing to warmer temperatures has got summer on my mind. The classic Santa Cruz t-shirt is a staple for the many California bro-brah transplants to our mountain town. When I found this little beauty, a slight variation, it made me giggle. You can see all of the t-shirts submitted by Designs by Humans here.


Santa Claus

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