Which Stellar Spirit Animal Are You?

by on Mar 15, 2017

Everyone has that animal that you just seem to relate to. Maybe it’s the giraffe because you like to rise above the pettiness of others and take the high road. Or, maybe you relate to the turtle because of your “go at your own pace” attitude and ability to let things bounce off your back. Compiled are a few stellar spirit animals and of course their epic corresponding tee. Let us know in the comments, which spirit animal are you?


You’re kind of a nerd. More often that not you will be found with a book in hand, you sat in the first row in class and anytime the teacher asked a question your hand rocketed up. Because of your incredible knowledge of basically everything you are also the voice of reason in your group of friends. They look to you for guidance for any and all matters. Since you have such great intuition you are also the screening mechanism for newcomers who may be trying to come into your friends or family’s lives. You can see right through a deceitful person and with your excellent sharpened wit effectively tell them to get lost.

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Thanks to your awesome height you are also hyper aware of your surroundings. You know everything going on at any given time. People think the lion is the cool cat on the Savannah but we know who the real O.G. is. You are so far above pettiness people (literally) look up to you as a role model. You have a magnificent presence and ability to stand out (or up) in a crowd. A born leader you can see the best fruit at the top of the tree and go for it, which makes the other Timon and Pumbas eager to follow.


While it may take you a while to get where you’re going, there is no doubt that you will get there. Tough on the outside but a softie at heart people, love your tenacious spirit. You let criticism and negativity bounce off your shell, but when a friend is in need they are sure to call on you because of your ancient wisdom and ability to stay grounded even in emotional disturbance and chaos. Your friends also know if they invite you to a party to do so well in advance. Notoriously late, its really not your fault. You just enjoy taking your time, after all slow and steady wins the race.


You’re extremely playful. The one in the group notorious for playing practical jokes and pranks. You had most likely to get arrested for inappropriately timed mooning in high school. Your zest for life and ability to have fun and always find mild trouble makes you a favorite among all of your peers. In addition to being the cool, fun one, you are also very clever. When something seems impossible or a friend has a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, you get the call. Thanks to your creativity and ability to find a way no matter what. Now whether it will be totally legal is questionable.


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Sea Horse

A majestic creature you are the Stallion of the Sea. A chivalrous and romantic character you have strong morals and values. Your friends value your loyalty and know that you will always have their back in any situation. You’re kind of a big deal with the ladies, thanks to your kind gestures. You go the whole 9 yards without going all the way if you know what I mean. You’ll come to the door with flowers and end the date with a polite goodnight kiss on the cheek. You’re one of the good guys but there will definitely be no finishing last for you.

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Happy, go lucky is your M.O. Everyone is excited when you walk in the door because of your loving, jolly attitude. No matter what may be getting someone down you always have a smile and a kind word. Not only is your very presence positive, you also have your style on point. You dress in a world of black and white, but it just helps highlight your bright and colorful personality. You’re the designated mom/dad of the group because no matter what happens you can always make the situation better. Spilled a glass of wine on someones shirt? If you can’t get it out with soda water you’ll give them the ultra stylish shirt off your own back.

Wolf dreamctacher

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You’re unquestioningly loyal to your friends. You will fiercely defend them if need be. No one likes to get on your bad side because of your no mercy attitude when it comes to those who deceive or betray you. This doesn’t happen often of course because of your keen instinct and ability to “sniff” out the weaklings in your pack…I mean wannabe’s in your group. You have a very free spirit and enjoy spending time outdoors. You are known for epic backpacking, hunting and fishing trips, where you treat all wildlife and nature settings with the utmost respect and reverence. For some reason you are never around on the full moon, your friends haven’t figured it out and honestly they are too afraid to ask.

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