21 California T-Shirts for Your Winter’s Day Dreams

by on Mar 16, 2017

Just when the east coast thought spring had sprung, a nasty winter storm pummeled a good portion of those northern states. Meanwhile, in Southern California, temperatures continue to push the 90 degree mark. As a Los Angeles resident, I don’t mean to rub our good weather in the east coast’s faces (well, maybe a little). We did have our fair share of crazy winter storms here. But lucky for us, the good weather days outweigh the bad. And beyond just the climate, California is a wonderful place to live.

From San Diego to Sacramento, this state has so much going for it. If you were adventurous, you could surf at the beach in the morning and drive to the mountains to ski in the afternoon. There’s so many beautiful national parks from Yosemite to Death Valley. We’ve got the star-studded Hollywood with it’s Walk of Fame, and the gorgeous Bay Area with it’s Golden Gate Bridge. There is something here for everybody.

People wise, there is something for everybody. Yes, there’s no denying we are more of a blue state, but we’ve got our fair share of all political minds. As well as artists, actors, writers, hippies, doctors, surfers, stoners, film buffs, musicians, tech folks, geeks, nerds, farmers and just about any other kind of person on career you can think off. Yeah, some like to say we’re the land of fruits and nuts, and we have plenty of those (and love them all), but we’re quite a filling trail mix of people.

More specifically, California is known for palm trees:

And bears, which figure prominently on our state flag.

And yes, those stories you’ve heard of people having lots of fruit trees in their backyards is true. It is the land of citrus.

Orange Juice T-Shirt

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Let’s not forget our oceans and surfing.

Cali T-Shirt

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And the most important attraction in California is, without a doubt… In-N-Out Burger!


In Out Burger Merchandise

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Yes, we are known as the land of vegans and vegetarians, but we also have the best burger chain around. Sorry Five Guys and Farm Boys, I’ve personally never found a better burger. Had one last night as a matter of fact. Mmmmm… Yes, they have a secret menu. And for those who say their fries suck, the trick is to ask for them well-done.

If you’ve never taken a trip down the coast of California, it’s really something you should do. Though Sacramento is the state capital, unless you have lots of time, it’s best to skip that and start with San Francisco. One of the most beautiful cities in the world. Highlighted by the Transamerica building, the beautiful Victorians, and, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s no wonder so many hearts are left there.

It’s almost 400 miles between San Francisco and Los Angeles. But it’s connected by a beautiful (and very long) coastal road known as Highway One. It’s a awe-inspiring, gorgeous drive.

Once you get to La-La-Land, you’ll have Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Burbank, the Warner Brothers Lot and Universal Studios for starters.

Then of course there’s all the beautiful beaches: Malibu, Venice and Santa Monica. When you’re done with your beach day, make sure you stop for a drink at one of their many British pubs.

Below Los Angeles is Orange County (AKA, the OC). More beautiful beaches, including Balboa Island, famous for it’s money-making banana stands.

And you can’t write a blog about California without mentioning: Disneyland! I’ve many friends who have yearly passes and are Disney junkies.



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Next stop, San Diego! If you take the five down, you’ll pass the town of San Onofre and their nuclear power plant, which many say resemble… well, in the words of Frank Drebin in The Naked Gun: “Everything I see reminds me of her…”

And then there’s beautiful San Diego. Most famous for a little convention that takes place here every July.

It’s also known for at one time having a very classy anchorman.

So that’s a north to south tour of California. Now, I don’t want all of you non-residents to want to move out here now. We do have fires, foods, traffic, earthquakes and, uhm… dragons! Yeah, lots of dragons. But we love being the place you dream about (when your imagination doesn’t feel like flying all the way to Hawaii). As well as your dream vacation. And these California t-shirts should help you remember both your real and imaginary visits to the great state of ours.

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