16 T-Shirts for Those of Us Who Hate Working Out

by on Feb 26, 2017


More like fit’ness whole burger in my mouth, am I right?

Some people get up at 6 AM, go to the gym, hop on that treadmill, and run ten miles. Other people lift weights. Others do Crossfit (we all know these people!), and others – they do yoga, or pilates, or some other regimen that keeps them lean, muscular, and healthy. They’re obsessed with it. Some people even say they’re addicted to it. And some people…well…they hate it.

I’m one of those people. Chances are that if you’re here, you are too.

Working out sucks.

Exercise? T-Shirt

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Some of us? We’d really rather be on the couch catching up on the latest Netflix show, eating our way through popcorn, fries, and copious amounts of chocolate.

I feel ya, fam.

We always sign up for a gym membership with the best intentions. We buy ourselves awesome workout gear, telling ourselves it’ll motivate us to actually get off the couch and go workout because we look good. We’ll head to that new, shiny gym, hop on the treadmill, and then as the smell of sweat and the groans of that macho power-lifter in the back and the too-loud music get to us…we start to regret our decision so, so much.

There comes a point during every workout when our lungs have turned to sponges and our heart feels like its going to just burst out of our ribcage and our legs are on fire and we’re wondering: “why am I doing this again?”

Oh yeah, abs.

That’s when you start to wonder whether or not this is all worth it.

After all, you look pretty good, right? And getting winded when walking up the stairs at work isn’t really all that bad, right? Plenty of people get winded when they climb the stairs. That’s what elevators are for.

But then, that’s when “Eye of the Tiger” comes on your workout playlist and you remember: no, focus. You want those sweet abs, right? So you start to convince yourself that you can run a few extra minutes. You can do a couple more reps. Just ten more push-ups and you can have a taco.

You’re going to be so fit. You’re totally going to be ripped, like Batman or something. But even Batman eats cake sometimes. Cake is great.

Honestly, working out really, really, really sucks, and you’d rather be anywhere but here. And if you’re anything like me, running is the absolute bane of your existence! If you see me running, you’d better run too, because there’s probably something chasing me – like a tyrannosaurus rex or a horde or zombies.

Running Late T-Shirt

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You might workout every once in a blue moon, just to justify that gym membership, but it’s not at the top of your priority list. Other things are much, much higher than amazing abs and buns of steel.

You’re pretty content being fit[ish], because there’s better things to do with your time than spend it in the gym all day.

Besides, you like how you look. You’re pretty awesome. We all are, whether we love working out or not! Because what really matters isn’t how great your abs are or how big your muscles are or how far you can run. It’s how much you enjoy your life, right? So go ahead, run that extra mile. Climb that mountain. Eat the whole cake. Don’t just have one piece of pizza, eat two! Don’t stop at eight funny fitness teas, but enjoy all of them! You can do it. I believe in you!

Anything’s possible!

(Except running…maybe).

Slow Runners T-Shirt

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