16 Thanksgiving T-Shirts You’ll Gobble Up

by on Nov 19, 2016

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that can go either way (like me in college). Some people love to stuff themsevles until they need to be pointed to the vomitorium (a must have for any hipster home).

Others can’t stand the gluttony, and/or have such food restrictions (gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, believe pumpkin pie is an abomination against nature) that they can’t find enjoyment in the day.

Some are stuck dealing with their families, and if they’re anything like mine, time with them is pure torture. You’re either dreading the fights over politics, religion and your failings in life in general, or preparing to bite your tongue so much over dinner that you won’t be able to taste the cranberry sauce.

Some of us are lucky to have “orphan” Thanksgivings in which we get to spend with friends over family. I am fortunate to be in this group, and have to say, it has made Thanksgiving one of my favorite holidays.

No matter how we end up spending it (and how much we end up eating), we all have our own traditions for this day created for us to give thanks for all we have. Some watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, some watch multiple football games, and some watch both. And for the geeks, the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day streaming marathon is always a treat. But for me, it’s not Thanksgiving unless I’m able to spend time with Snoopy and his friends.

Though I’ve always been disturbed by the end of this one where Woodstock has turkey with Snoopy. Uhm… isn’t that cannibalism. Or poultryalism.

But I digress…

For some, it’s a day to relax. To remain casual, put your fat pants on, and make sure you don’t have any stains on your t-shirt. For others, it’s a day to get dressed up, pull out your finest clothes, or suffer wearing that itchy sweater your Aunt Gladys made you and you better appreciate it because this may be her last Thanksgiving (or so you’ve been told the past five years). And, for your friends at TeeHunter, we of course look for any reason to wear a cool t-shirt.

You can delve into history and dress like a pilgrim:

Also available in the Disney version:

Or a shirt featuring the guest of honor.

Though having the creature their eating staring back at them may make your fellow diners uncomfortable, which is exactly why you should do it. More food for you!

Or maybe show your dinner striking back:

Retaliation T-Shirt

from TeePublic added by

And here’s one that’ll make them look twice.

Yes, grandma, it’s a joke about the interwebs.

But, there is no doubt, that the main tradition of Thanksgiving is stuffing your face with food. So let’s do it! This t-shirt gives a great suggestion:

Don’t forget the basics!

Things may get messy…

But keep it coming!

Don’t forget some libations with all those yummies.

And by the end of it all…

And either you’ll sleep the rest of the weekend, or rush out to stomp on others to get a cheap flat screen TV. Either way your friends at TeeHunter are wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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