San Diego Comic Con: Preview Night: What’s to Come at Con.

by on Jul 21, 2016

San Diego Comic Con kicked off today with the Wednesday Night Preview. The one evening where the dealer room floor is just very crowded rather than the usual insanely crowded. For many of us, this is the night to shop, since some of the booths are not as impossible to get into (unless you’re looking for an exclusive). And if you’re really old-fashioned like me, it’s a great time to dig through comic book bins (yes, some of us still buy comic books/graphic novels at Comic Con).

It’s also a great time to explore the floor and see what the big things will be this year. While exploring the floor I noted the large displays for Wonder Woman and Captain America who are both turning 75 this year (they look better than Betty White!).


And of course, Star Trek, which is celebrating their 50th.


Though Star Wars had it’s own convention last week, it had a nice new display featuring Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, as well items from the rest of the Star Wars Universe.


And the Power Puff Girls are pretty big:


Wednesday is not a day that most people cos play, with the floor being open only three hours, it may not seem worth the effort. But I saw what may be one of my favorite costumes of the weekend:


And I can already tell that this year will be filled with people dressing up as various incarnations of Harley Quinn, thanks to the buzz about Suicide Squad.

Since not too many people are dressing up, they usually pull out some of their best t-shirts. I’ve always been an avid t-shirt watcher, but now with blogging for TeeHunter, I take notice of them even more. And as I noted in my Comic Con advice article, the odds are pretty good you’ll see somebody there wearing the shirt you thought was an exclusive… As I did today for the shirt I plan to wear Friday. :(

I was going to note which character shirts were most popular on Preview Night, but turns out, Superman’s basic symbol shirt was the one I saw the most.

Look up in the Sky!

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$20.00 $20.00

And followed closely by Batman. I did notice there were a few more Ghostbusters shirts that usual.

Marshmallow Terror

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$20 $20.00

And my shirt of the day:

The Twelve Dogtors

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$14.00 $14.00

OK. I’m all warmed up now! Let the Comic Con begin!

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