Tostadora & TeeHunter, Giveaway #April

by on Apr 06, 2016

Tostadora & TeeHunter, Giveaway #April

We have launched great giveaways in the past. Congratulations to Stancey, Tim and Chris for winning the last one with Batman V Superman. Every single giveaway we decided on a great topic for the given month and emailed our partners to sponsor it.



You should decide for yourself. Tostadora lets you pick!

You have a good collection of t-shirts to pick from, we’re known for great star wars t-shirts, batman v superman and boy oh boy the upcoming suicide squad t-shirts. Tostadora has something for everybody.

How do we pick the winner?
This one is a first for us as well, we’re going to hand-pick the most creative answer.

How many winners?
4 lucky winners.

What’s the prize?
A t-shirt of their choice, each!

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