Best Websites to Create & Sell T-shirts Online – Part 2

by on Nov 05, 2015

Last week I talked about the best websites we’ve worked with so far, where you can create and artist account and sell your art on t-shirts, you can read it here, in case you missed it. Today I’m gonna tell you a little about some awesome sites that feature daily t-shirt releases. This means that people have only 24 hours at their disposal to purchase a tee at a much lower cost than any other tee sites. Most the designs featured on these sites are curated. This means that you have to submit your artwork to their site and they’ll let you know if it’s accepted or not and when it will be released for sale. Also keep in mind that most of the following sites accepts designs with a maximum of 6 colors. Best thing about them is that you don’t need to promote your art, they’ll do it for you through their site and various social media platforms.

Let’s start talking t-shirts and commissions now!


Once Upon a Tee offers trending, pop culture tees for a limited time from artists all over the world for $12.


Exposure is key for artists and Once Upon a Tee is one of the best places to get your art featured on. When submitting for OUaT, keep in mind that your design must include a maximum of 6 colors, not including the t-shirt color. Artists receive $1 for every item sold and also maintain all the rights to their artwork. This means that you can sell the same design on any other site and also submit it for Once Upon a Tee, at the same time. Royalties are usually paid through PayPal 7 days after the sale is over.



Weekly battles between the worlds best t-shirt designers!


ShirtBattle is relatively new in the t-shirt business but it’s fast gaining popularity among designers and tee lovers worldwide. Each week 2 designers are chosen to go head to head in a 7 day shirt battle. Whoever sells the most becomes artist of the week and his designs(s) are added to the Now in Stock for ongoing exposure and sales. Each tee sold earns you a $2 commission and royalties are usually paid a week after the sale is over.


Who doesn’t like t-shirts? TeeFizz provides the clothing choice of a generation with the best designs on the web!


TeeFizz is a daily t-shirt site where people can get tees for as low as $8. What’s the catch? Well, the more a design sells the lower the price drops. All selected designs are featured for 3 days giving people enough time share and purchase their favorite tee. Artists earn $1 for every tee sold and are paid through PayPal within 7 days after the sale is over. The best part about TeeFizz is that they don’t put restrictions on the maximum number of colors. Don’t hold back, submit your designs to TeeFizz now!


We bring people together through pop-culture apparel and provide the best daily destination for fun, nostalgic, limited edition artwork.


Ript Apparel was launched in 2009 and since then it has been a one stop shop was t-shirt lovers and international artists. All selected designs are available only for 24 hours and at the awesome price of just $11. Artists earn 10% of every item sold during the sale and are paid 3 days after the sale is over. It usually take a few days to find out if your design is accepted and if it was you’ll be given a print date. When that day comes you’ll be able to watch and track your sales through their handy Sales Tracker. Don’t get scared about the short 24 hours sale period, you’ll get lots of exposure through their well established social media platforms.

ript banner


TeeFury is the golden standard, 24hr t-shirt a day community, offering pop culture tees just for you.


TeeFury was launched back in 2008 by a bunch of artists who love limited edition tees. All t-shirts sold by TeeFury are available for purchase for only 24-48 hours periods. Being one of the biggest t-shirts sites on the web means that a lot of artist submit their artworks to them and the competition will be tough. Don’t worry, just submit your best design limited to 7 colors and wait for the confirmation email. Once your tee design is accepted it’ll go on sale for 24 hours earning you $1 for every tee sold and $2 for Gallery and Shoes. Yeah, you can get your artwork printed on shoes. Just how cool is that?



Great limited edition t-shirts for 24 hours only at the incredible price of £8/€10/$12.


Quertee is the biggest European t-shirt site that sells limited edition shirts. Artists from all over the world submit their best designs  to conquer the European market. Submitting your design to Quertees is very straightforward. Designs are limited to 5 colors on dark tees and 6 on the light color ones. It usually takes 24-48 hours to find out if your design was accepted or rejected. If your design is accepted it will be up for sale for 24 hours earning you $1 for ever tee sold. Royalties are usually paid within 72 hours after the sale ends.


At OtherTees we feature new amazing t-shirt with awesome graphic design every 24 hours.


OtherTees started in April 2011 being the first Poland based company to offer customers all over the world limited edition tees. If you want to submit your artwork to OtherTees keep in mind that designs are limited to 5 colors, not including the shirt color. If your design is selected to be printed you’ll ear $1 for every t-shirt sold by OtherTees. In addition, OtherTees guarantees a minimum $20 payout and on top of that you’ll receive a free t-shirt for yourself with your own design.



The shirts are limited editions so we will only sell them for one week or until they sell out. So pick them up while they last, because you won’t see them here again, that’s for sure!


The Yetee is a t-shirt site featuring an awesome new design every 24 hours for the low low price of $11. Just like the other daily tee sites you need to submit your art and get it accepted before it goes on sale. Artists are paid $1.5 for every tee they sell and a free shirt for themselves with their own design.


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