Best Websites to Design & Sell T-shirts Online – Part 1

by on Oct 30, 2015

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Have you ever thought about selling t-shirts online? Of course you had, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.The good thing is that you don’t have to be an artist or have exceptional drawing talent, you just gotta be creative, patient and passionate about it. The bad part is you have to find the right site to post it on and share it with possible customers. And since we’re TeeHunter, we know almost all websites that let you create a store or artist profile to create and sell t-shirts online. I’ve prepared a list with some of the best websites we’ve worked with and a few tips to get you started.

Artists all over the world have traded their canvas and brushes for a Wacom tablet and Adobe Illustrator. Now it’s your turn! You don’t have to worry about blank tees, storage, printing or shipping details, they take care of everything. Your only job is to create fabulous artwork that people will love and wear!


The place to discover, support and promote the worlds best independent t-shirt designers. And you can also become one of them!

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TeePublic is one of the biggest t-shirt websites we’ve worked with and first on my list for 2 reasons: quality and artist commission. The site is clean, easy to navigate and to upload your designs. Artists can choose from a variety of clothing options and color as well as opt out for any colors that doesn’t suit a design. Printing quality is top notch and the colors are bright and vibrant. Now let’s talk commissions. When you upload a design it’ll be on sale for $14 for the first 72 hours and you’ll receive $2 royalty for every t-shirt you sell. After that your commission will go up to $4 every time someone buys one of your designs. Also every month TeePublic has massive site-wide sales and all t-shirts will sell for $14, and you’ll earn $2 for every tee sold.

Another awesome thing about TeePublic is that you can refer an artist and every time he sells a tee you’ll earn $1. Once you set up your own store bring your friends and cash in on your art, and their art as well if you refer them.



Shiny independent designs on super-great products! Support artists while buying unique tees, stickers, housewares, and more.


RedBubble is quite simply the finest and most diverse creative community and marketplace on the internet. Home to over 350k independent artists with over 3.5 million designs uploaded it’s definitely the biggest community you can become part of. Setting up an artist account and uploading your artwork is as easy as 123. And the best part about RedBubble is that you decide what your royalty will be. Now now, don’t get too greedy. A 20% commission will usually bring you between $3 and $10 depending on what you decide to sell your art on. You can choose between tees, tank tops and hoodies and vinyl stickers, device cases, posters and many more other things. Or you can just design something that will look good no matter what you print it on.


Design By Humans features graphic tees, phone cases and wall art prints from over 15,000 diverse international artists from all around the world.


Design by Humans has been around since 2007, giving power to artists from Spain, Australia, Europe, the United States, or one of over 110 countries from their design community. All artists who want to become part of the DBH community need to apply and get accepted in order to sell t-shirts online. Usually applications get accepted within 24 hours and once that is done you can start uploading your designs right away. Uploading artwork is also easy and you have access to a Dashboard where you can see how many visits you had and how many tees you’ve sold. Every tee that you sell will earn you a $3 royalty or $4.5 for sweatshirts.



You’ve come to the right place for the geekiest, weirdest, and most wonderful stuff on the web.


NeatoShop is also one of the best places on the internet to sell your t-shirt designs. One thing NeatoShop is famous for is its printing quality. Out of all the tees I bought from the brands we worked with, Neato’s were the best. If you want your art featured on NeatoShop’s awesome tees you need to email them and apply for an artist account. Before doing this prepare an online portfolio with some of your best artworks and shoot them an email at Every time someone buys one of your tees you’ll earn a $3 royalty and $2 during sale events.



One of the most active artist communities in the world, Society6 empowers artists to make their artwork immediately available for sale as a variety of products, without giving up control of their rights.


To be honest, I’m not really familiar with selling on Society 6. But from what I saw it’s quite easy to upload a design. One thing though, before you start selling your artworks on S6 you need to be a verified member. This is a one-time process that must be completed through PayPal and costs $1. Selling on S6 will earn you a $2.2 royalty for every tee sold or $4.2 for hoodies. Good news is that if you plan to sell Art Prints as well, you can set your own commission.




Tostadora is probably the biggest European t-shirt website right now. Selling with Tostadora means that it will be easier for you to reach the European market in countries like Italy, France, Spain and the United Kingdom. Don’t worry, your Tostadora shop will also be available in the United States as well. What’s cool about this website is that it lets you set your own royalty. You can sell your art on t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies and even on iPhone cases or tote bags.


Here ends the first part of our guide with the best places to create and sell t-shirts online. Next time I’ll cover some of the best sites that feature daily of weekly t-shirts designs. If you have any questions leave a comment below and I’ll get back at you. Stay awesome people and good luck in your future t-shirts designer career!

EDIT: Now that you’ve made a name for yourself on these sites, check out part 2 of my guide with the best places to create and sell t-shirts online.

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