Giveaway: Win 2 Breaking Bad Tees from King of Shirts

by on Aug 03, 2015

New week, we “giveaway” and this time we’ve got something special for all you Breaking Bad fans out there. One of our newest tee brands, King of Shirts, and they offered 2 amazing Breaking Bad tees designed by Wayne Maguire aka Inked Ikons. These tees are just amazing, you’ll totally love them, trust me! All Breaking Bad fans should have these tees in their closets. You can’t be a BB fan and not have a Heisenberg and Pinkman tee. And the way Wayne imagined them is just amazing! What’s more awesome than Heisenberg? I’ll tell you what, a tattooed Heisenberg holding a bunch of blue meth crystals, that’s what! Just check the 2 tees below and you’ll see what I’m walking about!

pinkman2 i01t_ansicht-heisenberg-inked_1024x1024

How can you win these tees?

Use the entry form below to enter and win, you can earn up to 30 entries. This giveaway is open to everyone, worldwide! The Giveaway starts today August 3rd and ends in 2 weeks on Monday August 17th. Good luck everyone!

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Other awesome tees from King of Shirts

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