Ultimate Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Tutorial

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Ok, everyone who ever played a game on a smart phone has at some point or another tried playing Angry Birds. The concept is pretty simple. You get a sling shot and you aim birds at structures made by pigs until all pigs are dead. But there are tips and tricks to it, if you want to finish the game with 3 stars on all levels. That’s where we come in.

Angry Birds: Star Wars 2 changed the characters a bit, and also added a whole bunch of new ones, complete with a load of new power-ups and levels. The trick to winning with a high score is to use as few birds as possible and do as much damage as you can. And to do that, you need to know the advantages of each bird.

Ultimate Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Tutorial

Bird Side

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 TutorialQuai-Gon Jinn – His special ability is the light saber. When you tap the screen he will swing it around, destroying any pigs in the way, and also some of the buildings. One way to use him is also to hit a building first, and then tap the screen to use the light saber after you’ve pushed it apart a bit.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Obi-Wan Kenobi – This birds ability is a force push, which lets is push objects in front of it and throw them far away. The force push can also be used a short time after your bird has crashed. The trick is to aim it right though. The force will push objects in the direction of your touch.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2 TutorialYoda – Very good in small tight places. After you’ve tapped the screen, Yoda will start spinning with a light saber, demolishing everything in his way. It’s also very useful for getting to hard to reach places.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Jar Jar Binks – Unlike his movies counterpart, this bird is actually pretty fly. He uses a grappling hook to get to places that are further away. But as an extra, he also pull buildings (or pigs) apart. I like to hook a TNT box and chuck it at a building in front. Takes some time to get used to it, but it’s well worth it.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Anakin Episode I – When you tap the screen, Anakin will ride a rocket to your tap and explode when he gets to it. Another good bird for reaching far off places.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2 TutorialCaptain Panaka – This bird makes two shots that spread out. Also good for destroying the bottoms of buildings.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Padme – One of my favorite birds. She will use a tractor beam on the position of your tap, pushing structures, pigs or TNT boxes forward. Great for big buildnings.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2 TutorialAnakin Episode II – He basically just replaces Quai-Gon Jinn.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Jedi Youngling – This bird splits into three birds after you’ve tapped the screen. It’s the best bird for breaking ice. Be careful to split it at the right moment.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Mace Windu – He throws a boomerang that will try to reach the place of your tap, and if it hits nothing on the way, it will also return to Mace, causing damage both ways. Perfect for destroying pigs behind or under a wall.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Chewbacca – Chewie is just aim and shoot. But he’s awesome at delivering carnage. He will pretty much smash through anything, so make sure to point him at the biggest boulder you see.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2 TutorialR2-D2 – This is the droid you’re looking for. He will fly until you tap the screen. At that point he will give an electric shock to surrounding pigs which instantly zaps them.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2C-3PO – When you tap 3PO, he will break into pieces, kind of like the blue bird. The difference is that this one will fall downwards and won’t continue the trajectory.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Han Solo – He has a laser blaster which will shoot 3 laser shots at your tap. It will go through wood and ice, but it will bounce one or twice off metal.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Leia – Similar to Padme, but instead of pushing the buildings, she will pull them up towards herself.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2 TutorialJedi Luke – Still the same as Quai-Gon Jinn.

Pork Side

Angry Birds Star Wars 2Jango Fett – Works like the first Anakin, but instead of riding a rocket, he shoots one, and then flies off in a different direction. If you get it right, you can get two good hits with this one.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Darth Sidious – He uses his signature electric shock which travels over the metal parts of the buildings around your tap. Very powerful, but a bit unpredictable.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Battle Droid – Works like Han Solo by shooting three blaster bullets in the direction of your tap.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Darth Maul – This pig, who was the awesomest thing about the Phantom Menace, uses a light saber like Quai-Gon Jinn, but he’s a bit more powerful, because he’s using a double sided one.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Count Dooku – The same as Mace Wendu, throws a boomerang.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Droideka – It’s the pig counterpart of Yoda, spinning and crashing into things.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Zam Wesell – Pig counterpart for Jar Jar. Uses a grappling hook.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2 TutorialGeneral Grievous – This pigs light sabers are smaller, but he has four of them, and they’re all spinning.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Anakin Episode III – Anaking came to the Dark Side, oops, Pork Side, which makes him more powerful. He now has a magnetic attack, which lets him stick things to his body, and then throw them in all directions.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Biker Scout – Works exactly like Anakin in episode 1, riding a rocket.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Stormtrooper – This pig fires six shots at slightly different angles, which makes him good when you can get close to the birds.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2TIE Fighter Pilot – Another shooter. He fires two shots, reloads and then shoots two more.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Darth Vader – Same as the pork side Anakin.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Boba Fett – Same as Jango Fett, but this pig fire two rockets.

Now that you know your birds and pigs, here’s a few other helpful tips.

1. Always pinch your screen to make things zoom out. You can’t aim at something if you can’t see it.

2. Use your surroundings. Birds fly differently in normal gravity, space or underwater. Also always look for things like TNT boxes, or magnets.

3. Look for bonus items:

Level B1-4: The Bonus Box is high above the level, out of reach. Use Obi-Wan Kenobi to chuck blocks at it.
Level B1-6: The Treasure Map is behind the slingshot.
Level P1-8: You can find the map all the way on the far right side of the stage.
Level B1-10: The Bonus Box is behind the slingshot. Use Quai-Gon Jinn or Obi-Wan Kenobi to explode the TNT box close to it.
Level B2-10: The Treasure Map is located on the far right side of the stage again.
Level B1-12: The Bonus Box is high above the main structure. You need to use Yoda to bounce off the trees that are nearby.
Level B1-S2: The Bonus Box is underwater under the slingshot. Use R2-D2. Sling him into the water and use the shock to zap the box.
Level P2-6: And once again, the map is on the far right of the stage.

4. Use the enemy blasters to your advantage. Sometimes you can throw metal stuff in the way of the blasters, which will bounce the lasers off in different directions. And sometimes the blasters will speed up your bird in the right direction.

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