10 Motivational Bodybuilding T-shirts You Need

by on Feb 24, 2015

Probably the greatest challenge faced by all the muscle building enthusiasts out there is lack of motivation. One day you would be all pumped up to lift that every bit of steel you possibly could and the very next day you are not crazy enough to force your muscles go through such a strenuous process again. Fitness experts have devised various techniques to keep you motivated through the entire process.

Being a teehunter, I want you to do something else.

I want you to wear a motivational bodybuilding t-shirt that portrays an impression of motivation while you hit that nearby gym. I want you to tell the world out loud that you are a true muscular man who is up for a ripped body. And I want you to have at least one of these t-shirts in your wardrobe, anxiously waiting for you to be wore and show off that bicep you have.

10 Motivational Bodybuilding T-shirts:

1. Go Hard or Go Home

This t-shirt will tell people how tough you are and what it takes to lift iron every day. Each time you will see yourself in the mirror during the workout, the message on this shirt will reinforce the idea that you better stay home in your warm blanket if you are not lifting the weight you feel scared off.

Motivational Bodybuilding T-shirts go hard

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2. Stronger than Yesterday

Go for workout wearing this t-shirt and believe me, you will be ever more motivated than the day before.

Motivational Bodybuilding T-shirts stronger

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3. Get Fit or Die Trying

Another must have t-shirt for bodybuilders. The concept of “die” will make you do the toughest exercises during workout.

Motivational Bodybuilding T-shirts get fit

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4. Ideal Body

Are you desperate for abs? Wear this t-shirt when it’s your abs day. You already have 6-8 abs for others to envy? Wear this t-shirt when you go to college next time and tell everyone what you got under.

Motivational Bodybuilding T-shirts ideal

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5. Lift Heavy

Do you even lift? If so, prove it.


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6. Your Workout is My Warm-up

What a way that would be to boast that muscular body you have? This is probably the best t-shirt for bodybuilders who have enough muscle under their belt. There will be dozens of eyes staring at you as soon as you will walk inside the gym wearing this t-shirt.


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7. Live, Love, Lift

If you are crazy about muscle building, these three strong words are enough to sum up everything.


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8. Hulk’s Gym – Train Like a Monster

This can be really motivating. Hulk’s energetic and raging look will motivate you to utilize the last bit of energy you have while you lift.

hulk gym

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9. At the Gym

Another must have t-shirt for bodybuilders. Gives a strong message that you don’t give a shit about people who have concerns regarding your “more than extra interest” in gym.


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10. How to Train Your Trainer

A concept beautifully portrayed.


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