World of Warcraft – 10 Years Anniversary Stats

by on Feb 06, 2014

It’s hard to believe that World of Warcraft approaches its 10-year anniversary, so Blizzard decided to reveal a few numbers on the game.
World of Warcraft was released by Blizzard in 2004 and since then it gathered over 100 millions players. It’s played in 244 countries, all over the Globe, even in Antarctica. These players created over 500 million characters and 9 million unique guilds. The number of accounts equals the population of Germany, Belarus and Sweden combined.

horde crest

wow alliance crest
Each day players team up to take part in over 900 000 events provided by the game’s narrative, or over 670 000 player vs. player instances to test their strength against one another.
But WoW isn’t just about smiting foes or looting gold. It has an epic storyline, soaring orchestral music and a rich detailed world to explore with surprises around every corner. WoW’s story has grown with each expansion. The in-game text is around 6 million words, which is the equivalent of 12 copies of The Lord of the Rings.
So I ask you now … what does WoW’s future hold?

wow paladin

wow priest

wow warrior

wow warlock

wow hunter

wow shaman

wow mage

wow rogue

wow death knight

wow monk

wow deathwing

wow tree stance

wow raiders

wow garrosh throne

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