Coolest Doctor Who Gadgets & T-shirts all in one post!

by on Feb 24, 2014

After being on TV for more than 50 years, it’s no wonder that Doctor Who fanbase is getting larger and larger every day! So you say you’re a huge Doctor Who that and you want to prove it!

We’ve recently featured on Teehunter 40 Most wanted Doctor Who T-shirts that are available from brands such as Redbubble and Teeturtle. But Doctor Who is more than just a couple of T-shirts. A true Doctor Who fan already has the t-shirt that entails that and is searching for more. There are so many gadgets that are waiting on a shelf somewhere for you to have them. SO here’s a list with the coolest Doctor Who Gadgets.

Doctor Who Wall Clocks

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Coolest Doctor Who Mugs!

Let’s say that tomorrow morning you’ll be drinking coffee in mug with Matt Smith’s face on it! How would you feel about that?

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4951298_7321434-mugs11_b 6998571_7985960-mugs11_b 7210740_5134693-mugs11_b 8305752_16632562-mugs11_b

530138_110364721-mugs11_b 1255584_6258761-mugs11_b 7560214_11838641-mugs11_b 7863003_5988029-mugs11_b

Sleep with the Doctor! Doctor Who Pillows

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2004862_3656092-plwfr2_b 3412366_15832073-plwfr2_b 7591621_11684674-plwfr2_b 7899518_6706137-plwfr2_b

221005_7052144-plwfr2_b 2004825_6523867-plwfr2_b 6451595_16227530-plwfr2_b 7149598_16648814-plwfr2_b

And finally.. Doctor Who T-shirts! Wear him proud like a true whovian!

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7449674_3807957-tsrmw120_l 8580701_11530470-tsrmw120_l

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