I Dream of Music

by on Jan 30, 2014

Why do we dream? Just think about it for awhile … everyone has an answer, an opinion on this.

Some say dreams happen to help our mind rest or they are just things we want in our life, places we want to go, things  we want to have or who we want to be.

i love music

Dreams are our salvation. Without them there would be no History, no Science, no Books. Without dreams there would be nothing, no adventure, no thrill in life. Dreaming means living.

Without dreams there would be no Music. I dream of music, every day and every night, music is who I am. Honestly, I can’t do a damn thing without music. The first thing I do when I wake up is not to wash my face, I turn on the stereo and play come chilled music. I listen to music when I write, when I draw, when I drive or when I take my dog out for a walk. And at night I have a special sleeping playlist. No matter how I feel, there is a song, there is MUSIC to help express the mood.

music city

Music is what brings us together.  Music binds us together in ways that are hard to explain, and it keeps us together all the days we live, we even use it to celebrate, and to remember, when we die. Every culture has it’s own kind of music.  All music has it’s place. Music makes us feel. It evokes pain, love, loss, sorrow, shame, regret, horror, and at times hate. It makes us laugh, it makes us cry.

I dream of music. I dream of hearing that music aloud.

We all have dreams. What do you dream?

music in my soul

groovy seal

hard rock panda

perfect harmony

midnight symphonia

rebel music

music in sapce

musical night

no music no life

the earth loves music

play my musical robot

my neighbours

music is classic

music in my head

the music

music is my universe

music gives wings

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