Petrified Panda – A T-shirt Brand with a Mystery!

by on Sep 21, 2013

555311_10151216248535778_1560449442_n  “I kicked off my T-Shirt brand Petrified Panda just under a year ago and I’ve released several designs since. It all started with a doodle that I made of a panda looking frightened, alongside an equally horrified hamster and a scared owl. I didn’t really give it much thought, but then my mom saw the doodles and said that they could be cute t-shirt designs! And thus began my journey with Petrified Panda.

  Petrified Panda started off as a T Shirt brand with a fictional narrative revolving around a community of animals where, in recent years, a handful of them started to mysteriously disappear, one by one. The only clues left behind were these Polaroid photographs, found laying around the forest that surrounds the village. And quite peculiar images they were – each one showed one of the little animals wide-eyed and spooked. And in a twisted way, this resulted in a series of exceptionally adorable images.”
Simon Cao – Owner of Petrified Panda

Let’s Meet The Polaroids!

There is Panda, Sumi, Kile and Monki!

Panda Kile polaroidf polaroidi
[interview quote=”There isn’t yet an ending to the story, as I intend on keeping it ‘alive’ so that the narrative progresses a step at a time with each new design that gets released.”]
One of the newest designs from Petrified Panda is the Cheeky Hipster Cat. Yes, there are numerous cat-with-glasses designs out there but Simon thought that having its tongue poke out would add a little extra fun! As with all of his shirts, both men and women tees are available.
CheekyHipsterCat CheekyHipsterCat


Petrified Panda is also proud to be supporting WWF’s mission in helping wild animals. Simon is currently donating a portion of sales to their cause of saving wild tigers.
With all that been said don’t forget to like Petrified Panda on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and check out their online store!

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