GIVEAWAY: $60 worth of Breaking Bad T-Shirts

by on Aug 13, 2013

Update: The contest has a winner!

Thank you everybody for participating! We’ll announce our winner shortly  in a blog post!

The first episode has aired and we loved it so much we reached to our friends at RedBubble with a Walter White voice and demanded a gift card. Of course, lovely Danielle helped us out! Win $60 worth of Breaking Bad t-shirts.


Breaking Bad Giveaway: How YOU can WIN!

*The most creative comment on this blog post will be the winner of the contest! – Comment now on the bottom of the page!*

Giveaway rules are quite simple:
– One winner
– $60 giftcard
– We’ll announce the winner on 18th August

AMC’s Breaking Bad premiere last night, delivered 5.9 million viewers, the most in series history. So pretty much everyone was watching Breaking Bad.

[interview quote=”“We are so pleased and gratified by viewer response to a historic four-premiere weekend on AMC,” said AMC’s president and general manager, Charlie Collier.”]

Everyone was wondering: “What will Hank do with the piece of information he just received?” and watching the confruntation between him and the Heisenberg was the most thrilling thing since the first episode of Breaking Bad.

breaking bad giveaway

Souce: AMC Blog

We decided to do a Breaking Bad Giveaway and make some people happy. The rules are pretty simple and everyone with a creative mind can win!

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