Top Tee! Limited Edition 100 Piece Teen Wolf Movie Tribute Tshirt + Free Movie Poster!

by on Jan 11, 2010

Who doesn’t love a bit of the radical 80’s classic Teen Wolf?

Teen Wolf Tshirt

Teen Wolf Tshirt

Well luckily for all of us that share a deep love for hirsute basketball players with fangs – Suck! Clothing have hit the mark with their stylish tribute tshirt to the 80’s classic! It is Limited Edition (100 shirts) and comes with a free movie poster!

How can this not get a Tee Hunter “Top Tee” plaudit?! It is the very rare appearance of an un-geeky truly wearable movie inspired tshirt! Stiles would definately have been selling this off his Wolfmania merch stand!

You can grab this tshirt for €25.00 from the Suck! store!

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