Unicorn-tastic competition! Win 12 T-Shirts Of Your Choice At Unicorns Rock!

by on Nov 26, 2009

Yes, Unicorns are awesome. In fact…they rock! The awesome folks at Unicorns Rock have teamed up with a bunch of legendary tshirt blogs to offer a really cool week long contest! Check out the details below!

Unicorn inspired awesomness!

Unicorn inspired awesomness!

1) The Easy Way! Buy a 10% Discounted T-shirt

Each of thefollowing tshirt blogs (us included!) will publish a coupon code on the date listed. Buy a t-shirt from Unicornsrock.com and enter the code during checkout. You will be entered into the contest – one entry per shirt purchased.

Our code is: “SUN”

2) The Fun and Free Way! Collect Clues and Tweet

Simply collect coupon codes and send out a few updates on Twitter. Below you will find Tee Hunter’s Twitter codes and links to enable you to do this!

Win 12 free t-shirts and get a coupon for http://unicornsrock.com. Learn how – http://bit.ly/8rP2wt @unicornstweet @teehunter

Win 12 free t-shirts and get a coupon for http://unicornsrock.com

Actually screw copy and pasting! just click this link and you’ll be taken to Twitter and that text will automatically be inputted into the status update box for you. Tasty!

Each coupon is also a clue. On Friday Nov. 27th a question will be posted by all the sites. Use the coupon codes to help you guess the answer to the question.

  • Visit each site and collect the coupon codes.
  • Each site will provide you with what you need to post to Twitter.
  • Do this with all the sites. You can backtrack if you didn’t hear about this contest until after some of the articles were published.
  • On Friday Nov. 27th at 5pm all the participating parties will publish the question, along with an e-mail address.
  • E-mail your answer(s) and Twitter link by Monday Nov. 30th at 5pm. We will check your Tweets so we know you didn’t cheat
  • The winners will be announced Wednesday at 5pm.

Some Extra Details

  • They are giving away 24 t-shirts – 12 for each method.
  • Winners will be picked from a hat. Two ways to win – two hats.
  • Contest ends Monday Nov. 30th at 5pm. Use a coupon code or get your answers and Twitter links in by then.
  • If needed, more clues will be given so we are sure to have a winner.
  • Coupon codes are good until Dec. 10th even if you don’t play.
  • Winners will be announced on Wed. Dec. 2nd.
  • They will contact you via e-mail if you win.

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